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Goodnight honeyed day

                whose rose-blushed retreat

                                departs in halting amazement.

My quickened tread is snatched by this light’s favor

                 and I topple, tumbling to an earthy harbor

                                          where the evening’s burnished sky is accommodated.

My breath caught, the sky claims the twinkled eye.

                Dusk flames and strikes out

                                to the pearlized horizon

                                                where the unsung melody of light dances before

                the mirror of night.   

Whisper softly now

                lest these unblessed words

                                   spill it into a gray dust forgetful of evening’s blush.

Ski Trail

Breathless, under a pine canopy,

            trail fore and aft,

                          a heart hammers,

            breaking the rhythm of step – push – swish.

The pounding engine jump starts

            a crimson stream,

                        pressing through this snowy day,

                                    rousing unreasoned elation in reasoned years.

The wind quickened,  

            gently proposes the trees  

                        slough their dazzled limbs.

Snow slide,  



                                                frees crystals from bended bough.

A powdered ball disassembles as it falls — a million lucid gems

anoint an upturned face with

            compelling serenity –

                        blood rushing to ice.

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