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A breach !! – underneath the door comes rhythm’s radiance,

beating, trembling, pulsating, pressing for promotion.

Dare I let it in – quickening the paling aura

or crimped by obligation’s demand

say no and gently close the portal

arresting the eye’s twinkle.

16 Fibres

16 fibres torn from a dress worn by grandma, now part of her quilt, lays on the floor, next to the door, by the nightstand where a wild rose rests. 16 fibres wrapped round a dazzled bloom, caught the eye … Continue reading

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A fence next to a dirt road, weary, grey cedar rails sagging and broken. An old man walks the fence line, dressed in bibs camouflaged with faded oil stains. On his head, a tattered straw hat with pink band, hair … Continue reading

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Lavender spread dawn Sunrise brush golden accents Alewive Osprey feast

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Gusted propulsion. Shiny bubbles surf roiled sea. Pelicans skim ridge.

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Time in woods binds no man. Breath unlocks a taut heart drawn down the trail. The forest’s spirit a violin, playing one note. It’s strings sing true. They pierce and leave a song heard nowhere else, captured in a veiled day when the slated … Continue reading

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Winter Commotion

Mice shadows under snow. Safe trails in small hours, when owl and fox ponder night-time banquets. Deer path to bird feeders. Wary browsers dine on sunlight become seed. Squirrels in bulging, billowed coats dash – orbiting in dispute, rotate kernelled corn … Continue reading

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He strolls between the walls surrounding the quadrangle where the statue stands. Each step down the hall reverberates on the worn terrazzo floors. Sand crackles underneath his leather soles. Faces in old wooden frames. They laughed and danced – now … Continue reading

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Teresa Remembered

The laugh Frequently irreverent – no pretensions honored. That of value always taken seriously. The Mama bear – don’t mess with my boys.… The finest of women – the real deal. There is now a hole.

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Worship comes early. Raven croak tolls through cedars along the river. A rose window of clouds skips through morning – shadow and light, shadow and light, and floats in the weave of wind in the tree tops. Spring, the river swift, … Continue reading

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White dome rests on shroud Grey girdles cold gloomy bay Sun pierces dark mood

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