Blue Moon

Blue moon,

a seconding visit

siring silky ice.

Adrift between aurora and dusk,

the morning’s gold attempts to boost winter’s frosted eminence

up — out of the way.

But budge it won’t;

to my delight.

Shards of glacial air penetrate this

tempered soul on the blackened lane.

Day-demands suspended,

the car pirouettes on the road’s frozen crown

in a moment so chaste;

the gyration’s embrace met not by a worried ditch,

but moment draped indigo-white in adrenalin’s rush.

Author: Doug Lewandowski

I have walked a varied path. I was a Christian Brother, an English teacher/counselor and Licensed Psychologist. I have a twice monthly column in the Duluth News Tribune and have had a story published in the Nemadji Review and placed third in this year’s Jade Ring contest of the Wisconsin Writer’s Association. I was a commentator for KCRB, Minnesota Public Radio in the 90s. I transplanted to Duluth to be closer to grandchildren.

3 thoughts on “Blue Moon

  1. Wendell Affield says:

    Hi Doug,
    Powerful imagery in your poem. The moon was so bright last night–shades of daylight in the meadow with beams bouncing of the glazed snowcrust.

    1. Doug Lewandowski says:

      Thanks Wendell. I am rewarded by your comments as always. Doug


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