Listening to the Whisper in the Void

We listen with an imperfect ear, revelation arrives in silence in the middle of the night. There the void — empty and full, the hollowed self hears the songs of the universe. Listen and pass it on, the writer’s blessing.

Author: Doug Lewandowski

I have walked a varied path. I was a Christian Brother, an English teacher/counselor and Licensed Psychologist. I have a twice monthly column in the Duluth News Tribune and have had a story published in the Nemadji Review and placed third in this year’s Jade Ring contest of the Wisconsin Writer’s Association. I was a commentator for KCRB, Minnesota Public Radio in the 90s. I transplanted to Duluth to be closer to grandchildren.

7 thoughts on “Listening to the Whisper in the Void

  1. Frank Schweigert says:

    So true: the hollowed self. What Buddha called ahimsa (no self) and John of the Cross called “all in All, and All in all.”

    1. Doug Lewandowski says:

      You know Frank. I am kind of Buddhisty inclined. Doug

    1. Doug Lewandowski says:

      Wendell, I hear you are just about ready to get that book to press. Doug


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