There are different kinds of churches. I have had the good fortune to travel a little in Europe and have seen a few; Winchester Cathedral in England, St. Peters in Rome and Iceland’s National Cathedral in its stark beauty. I will see more. These places give us pause. They point toward the transcendent.

We need sacred space. Some religious traditions have chosen vast expanses, enclosed buildings that soar and inspire. Native Traditions on the other hand, are immersed in the natural world. From both come wonder and reverence. All traditions reflect the surrounding environment and available resources. Temples, mosques, tabernacles and synagogues that rise above us engender respect and wonder as does the ebb and flow of wind, sun and water. A reflective person will be awestruck, for there lies God.

We chose our sanctuary. A stand of trees in a northern forest in the middle of  winter at sunrise, with wisps of steam rising from a rushing creek, serves quite well as a holy place. Here listening begins, and inspiration comes to fruition.

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