Woman River is in the tradition of Staggerford and Winesburg Ohio. It interweaves themes of belief, doubt, and commitment to values in traditional and unconventional ways. A young farmer separates from his family as he and his lover come to terms with an out of wedlock pregnancy. The owners of a tavern and grocery store face life without each other. A priest and his housekeeper are challenged by their mutual attraction. A police chief and town drunk face down wartime traumas and a gentle, simple man dies suspiciously.

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  1. Mark Votel says:

    Hey Doug,

    I have been following and enjoying the Willie adventures. My wife and I visited the Plymouth area and Plymouth Rock (talk about underwhelming!) in 2015. The Mayflower II was not there, it was be re-fitted somewhere. We also saw Cohasset, Boston (enjoyed the Freedom Trail) and a lot of Cape Cod – nice part of the country.

    Hope that you and yours have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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